Viscount Hardy Hogg-Marchmont

hardyThe 6th Earl’s son Viscount Hatcher Hogg-Marchmont left Trinity College just three weeks into his first year, genuinely believing that he’d completed his course. What had given him the idea that you could study law in three weeks was a mystery, but to this day he still went around telling everyone that he had a degree from Cambridge.

Hatcher didn’t really have a firm grasp of what money was. If he wanted a new car he would simply key a PIN number into a card reader and his nice new vehicle would appear in the drive. In fact remembering the four digits of his PIN number was probably the most challenging thing that Viscount Hatcher had ever had to do in his life.

From chapter 4: 

“Hatcher was in the fast lane trying to overtake an old Fiat 850 and he was tailgating the tiny vehicle in the most frightening and intimidating way possible – his headlights flashing, the Jaguar XJR just inches away from the Fiat’s rear bumper. You can tell a lot about a man from the way he drives and this, ladies and gentlemen, was Viscount Hatcher Hogg-Marchmont.”


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