Friends of Hogg Hall

coatofarmsBW00001By becoming a Friend of Hogg Hall you not only have the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to the long term future of this magnificent house, but you will also enjoy substantial benefits:

Elite Membership £18 (Recommended)
You will receive a limited edition paperback of Hogg Hall (234 pages), a personal newsletter from Earl Hardy Hogg-Marchmont, a certificate of Elite Membership (PDF), and an exclusive MP3 featuring audio that has been removed from the series because it is not amusing enough.

Standard Membership £6
You will receive a certificate of Standard Membership (PDF), and an email thanking you for sending £6 to Hogg Hall.

Life Membership £100
You will receive the Hogg Hall paperback, an exclusive Hogg Hall sweat shirt (all sizes available), plus a newsletter from Hogg-Marchmont, a certificate of Life Membership (PDF), and an exclusive MP3 featuring removed material.

To use PayPal to donate to Hogg Hall select an amount from the box below.

Please note: Acknowledgement of membership and digital content will be sent immediately from Hogg Hall on receipt of order. Paperback book and sweatshirt are dispatched from two separate third party suppliers and are printed to order. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. Hogg Hall will contact life members by email and ask for sweatshirt size required.



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