Nelly Frapp

frapp edThe cook and housekeeper at Hogg Hall is Nelly Frapp. Mrs Frapp is now 90 years old and she first joined the staff as a kitchen maid at the age of 17. Her annual salary was £5 and she worked from 4.30 am until 11.55pm with one afternoon off every three years.

In those days Nelly assumed many everyday duties such as preparing vegetables, plucking game and poultry and baking around sixty loaves of bread per day. She was also responsible for sweeping and cleaning the kitchen, the larder, the corridors, the roof, guttering, drains, sewers and for polishing the 26 huge marble steps that rose to the front entrance of the house.

She had to scrub tables, shelves, and cupboards. She had to shoot any rodents that happened to wander into the kitchen. In her spare time, Nelly would also be expected to make cakes for luncheon, tea and dessert, rolls for breakfast, and knit scarves, gloves and socks for the family.

Nelly was only allowed upstairs once a week. This was for morning prayers and to be soundly spanked by the 5th Earl. Otherwise she spent all her time between the kitchen and the tiny bedroom in the attic which she shared with eleven others.   She would get one square meal a week, which she would eat under the stairs with the scullery maid and the chimney sweep.

Nelly Frapp has an impressive collection of antique crossbows and in case of emergency, she always keeps one in the kitchen.


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