The Great Bohemian Chandelier

There being no television in the nineteenth century, large groups of guests to Hogg Hall would often stand around and simply stare at the chandelier in the Great Library. The world famous Great Bohemian Chandelier was gifted to the 2nd Earl by Prince Agra of Tandoor, and was a birthday cake-shaped crystal fixture which had once illuminated the Royal Poobah Palace in Istanbul.

“It comprises 750 crystal candleholders,” the 2nd Earl would proudly tell his guests,” and they would stand around for hours looking at it, while the servants offered them finger snacks and fine wines.

One female guest had once been so transfixed by the ornament that she’d gone into a trance and had to be revived by means of smelling salts and brandy. On another occasion the Belgian ambassador unwittingly ejaculated from sheer excitement after first setting eyes upon the piece.

Learn more about this magnificent ornament in Hogg Hall [Ep.3]


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