Lady Celestia May Hogg-Marchmont

celestia may Lady Celestia May is the 6th Earl’s 17 year old daughter. She was always an odd child. At the age of seven her mother once found her hovering three feet above her bed, her arms outstretched in the sign of the cross. The Countess tried to talk her down but her daughter continued to float up there for almost two weeks. The family passed food up to her, they brought her changes of clothing, and sometimes Isabella even came into the room and read her a bedtime story. But her daughter stubbornly refused to stop levitating.

The ordeal finally came to a close when the Countess Googled the problem and it was suggested that Celestia May should be fed a turnip. In desperation, Isabella tried this, and after only one bite of the vegetable her daughter slowly floated back down onto the bed. Like a diabetic carries insulin, Celestia May now always kept a turnip in her bag in case of unwanted levitation.

Celestia May is a member of Potter’s Crotch’s infamous witches coven . They meet once a week on a Thursday in a derelict canal barge which is moored in a dark and lonely spot on the River Turd. The Barge Coven has 13 members and follows a strict code called the Book of Shadows. This contains religious texts, instructions for magical rituals and some very good recipes for fish.



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